Friday, April 1, 2011

Attention gifted Barbers and Stylist!!!!!!

Good Day,
    National barber and styling coalition is an organization of barbers and stylists offering their services of haircuttiing and hairstyling to the youth. In effort of enhancing their outer beauty, in order to transform their perception of themselves.
National barber and styling coalition was launched August 9, 2010 at the Margeret Maddox YMCA.
We kicked off our first event with a back to school exstravaganza, the program is called "Beautifying the Community".
141!!! kids got serviced, haircuts, braids, and hairstyles! Not so bad for the first outreach project.
Since then we hosted 3 other events, and have served a total of 230 kids including adults.
Our next "Beautifying the Community" event is yet to be announced, but in July of 2011, the organizations directors are organizing a city wide meeting to inform local barbers and stylist about (NBSC) mission in Nashville and the world. So, I encourage you to stay tuned to the movement!!!!